Friday, March 17, 2017

Ignition Utils Module - Client's scripts for advanced Tags' changes Subscriptions

To reach the best response time with lots of tags and data, Ignition is built on subscriptions and notifications. I recently wrote a module to expose usefull scripts functions in the client scope, for subscribing tags and be notified of tags changes.

This modules enables subscription in 2 way :
  1. An input list of tag path
  2. An input dataset with a tag path columns, and other columns for tag's Value, Timestamp, Quality
In return, the module write a client tag (typed dataset) with:
  1. tags data with Value, Timestamp, Quality updated
  2. input dataset with Value, Timestamp, Quality updated
As the result, in use case 1, you can quickly create an efficient tag browser based on:
  • this utils modules
  • a tag browser tree
  • a power table (binded to the tag client updated by this module)

Use case 2, an input dataset with columns V, T, Q automatically refreshed when the tags' data change.
Button refresh can only be use to force a refresh.

Last Updates 2017-03-22 (YYYY-MM-DD)

Project example :

Ignition utils modules : (v1.0.4 : freeze/unfreeze subscription to save selection when windows is closed)

Hope this help you to build more reactive HMI with Ignition an its power table component !

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