Saturday, March 10, 2018

Industrial Information System - the right technology, standards, communication protocols and scada platform !

When you design an Industrial Information System, take care to chose the right technology, standards frameworks and communication protocols. An open and modular SCADA platform like IGNITION by Inductive Automation will help you a lot.

Solutions and Technology based on Open Source frameworks and Open standards are always a good choice.

Here is my Best Of !
  • Communication with other systems : Webservices RESTFull, Webservices SOAP, MQTT
Communication with Video Management System and Video Devices : ONVIF
  • Web Client Side langage : HTML5 / Javascript

  • Client Side langage : JAVA

  • Server Side Langage : JAVA, Python
  • Databases : SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, SQLLite, H2, ...) and NoSQL (InfluxDB for TSDB, ...MongoDB...)

  • Communication layer with PLC/RTU : OPC-UA and MQTT

  • Communication layer with IO : INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET (Profinet, EtherCAT, EtherNetIP, ModbusTCP)

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